Spiritual Care

As an individual faces death, it is natural to explore thoughts and feelings about the meaning and purpose of their life. Spending time reviewing events and life experiences that have been particularly significant holds great importance as people face a terminal diagnosis for themselves or for someone they love. Trained Spiritual Counselors (Chaplains) support Coastal Hospice patients and their loved ones in doing this important work.

Caring for All Aspects of a Person

Coastal Hospice Spiritual Counselors work with patients and their loved ones to address goals that are important to the patient and that will aid them in achieving emotional and spiritual peace. When it is desired by patients and families, Coastal Hospice Spiritual Counselors will assist with specific rituals that are a part of the patient’s faith tradition (ie. prayers, inspirational readings, sacraments, funeral/memorial planning). They are also available for conversations about the patient’s specific beliefs and how these beliefs impact their end-of-life journey. At other times, Spiritual Counselors assist patients and families in securing added support from community clergy, with whom the patient/family has a personal relationship or through whom a particular need can best be met.

There are also times when a patient and family’s spiritual needs are not connected to a particular belief system. Rather, their needs are best met with the support of someone who will be a companion with them in their journey…listening, affirming their value, and providing a safe space to share thoughts, feelings, fears, doubts and hopes. Spiritual Counselors offer this presence and support without the need for “religious talk” when that is the patient or family’s preference.

Each of our patients and their families a have a unique and personal journey. Our Spiritual Care Team is committed to helping them with the emotional and spiritual aspects of that journey in ways that honor their individual needs and goals.

How Can a Spiritual Counselor Help Me and My Family?

Spiritual counselors offer a confidential, compassionate, respectful presence with patients and their families. Some of the reasons you may find spiritual care helpful:

  • You have questions about the meaning of your life as you face a terminal illness
  • You need someone to listen
  • You feel scared, worried, lonely, forgotten or useless
  • You are unable to forgive yourself or someone else
  • You would like to see a minister, priest, rabbi or other faith leader
  • You want to talk over decisions about your care
  • You want someone to pray with you or offer prayers on your behalf
  • You are concerned about a family member
  • You want help with a funeral or memorial service plans
  • You want to better understand the grief process
  • You want help from someone who has experience being with people at the end of life
  • You are interested in calming techniques to help with anxiety

For additional information about how we can help with spiritual needs or to speak with one of our Spiritual Counselors, please call 410-742-8732 and ask for Spiritual Care Services.


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